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The BUTTKRONE concept was developed by us – a group of fishing-crazy and quality-conscious people, who also want to enjoy the wonderful fishing grounds of northern Norway for many decades to come.

The aim – to catch the “fish of your life“!

With this started the search for the ultimate fishing equipment, which goes way beyond the options currently available in a fishing shop. After spending many hours researching various providers, we realized that we couldn’t find the quality that we were searching for and that entire product groups were often missing.
Even more annoying was the fact that without any expert knowledge and even by placing orders in multiple shops, it is not always possible to get hold of all of the necessary equipment.


During all of our fishing trips to northern Norway over the years, our equipment became more defined, optimized, and refined to include only the absolute necessities. By the third trip one thing was clear - for northern Norway there is only one rule – “The uncompromised best, is the only choice”.
Why? Because we always want to have the necessary and best equipment with us, especially on board of a plane. On this way, the equipment, methods to fish and knowledge has grown more and more, which we would like to share now with all of you.


Our research has always kept us busy from the end of one fishing trip to the beginning of another. For sure this is always an exciting time and increases the anticipation of what is to come! But what if you don’t have the time or nerves for this tedious organization?
This is exactly where BUTTKRONE comes into play as a competent partner and way to help you shed any unnecessary worries.

Starting with the planning of the trip, to the selection of equipment, unique tailor-made products and help and consultation on their usage.  In our team you will find find fishing-crazy, former travel agents and tinkerers, waiting for you with an open ear regarding any topic.

We are aware that special places such as Norway are finite. Therefore we place great importance on the sustainability of our products. We want that future generations also have the chance to enjoy this wonderful and stunning nature.

Become part of our BUTTKRONE community. Share your experiences and rate our products.
Use this platform to share your thoughts and increase your anticipation of the next upcoming fishing trip to northern Norway.


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