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Circle special L
  • Circle special L

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    The opening between the hook shank and tip is almost as large on this hook as on our "Circle L". However, it has the decisive advantage that it is four times lighter and still stable for fighting monsters. Thus the bait fish moves even more naturally and reduces the miss bite rate to an absolute minimum.


    It is important that the hook is not fully baited. Ideally, when baiting a whole bait fish, simply bait it from the inside through a nostril, so the hook has enough space to be able to twist in properly.


    !!!!!Never hitch when fishing with circle hooks!!!!! If the fish takes the bait fish, give it time and the easiest way is, to let it pull with a slightly adjusted brake. If the fish takes line, simply increase the pressure of the break (strike position) and the fun with the fight can begin! It's a weird feeling, but trust us, you'll have plenty of fun!


    Please always tie the hook in such a way that the line comes out at the tip of the hook, this is the only way the "mechanics" of the hook can work properly. Ideally you use the snell, platelet or knotless knot, but we will also show you how to do this in a video.


    Corresponds to size 10/0


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