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WindOnLeader (WOL) L
  • WindOnLeader (WOL) L

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    The product we are most proud of! Finally there is an end to tying complex FG knots, cut hands etc. and you can connect the thick mono to the main line extremely easily.

    This is our 1.2mm mono, which is spliced ​​with a specially braided line. This creates a loop at one end and an extremely slim knot at the other end, which slides through the rings with almost no resistance.

    The loop end can be attached with an Albright knot within seconds, even in extreme swell, and in combination with our main line M the loss of breaking strain is so small that it is negligible.

    Anyone that has used this perfect product once, will not want to go without it! And we were also able to win over convinced FG lovers.

    The complete leader has a total length of 5m

    1m= € 1.30

    With inliner rods, the leader cannot be reeled in!


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